Concept art "Beyond Human"

An utopian movie environment design.


Environment design submission to the 3rd Arstation Community Challenge "Beyond Human"

26 June 2017 - 24 July 2017


The challenge included two completed environment designs that fit within the theme of where the next evolution of humanity lives and two high-resolution completed callout sheets containing designed elements. Also work-in-progress artwork to show the progress of your entry including sketches, progress shots, etc.

"A near future, where humanity advanced quickly, nature recovered and the never-ending keynote of endless expansion stopped existing thanks to science, culture and art. Only some people prefer to live off the grid in small communities outside of the vertical cities. Who knows who they are or why they are ... against us?"


Environment design
Concept art
3D art

Music by Klangbausteine

"Beyond Human" environment concept art

Production painting 'Phoenix, AZ (2092 AD)'

Work in progress video

"Phoenix" close up

Close ups

"Phoenix" close up
"Phoenix" callout sheet

Callout sheet

"Camp" environment concept art

Production painting 'Camp (Phoenix area)'

"Camp" close up

Close ups

"Camp" close up

Work in progress video

"Camp" callout sheet

Callout sheet

"Beyond Human" early concept notes


"Beyond Human" moodboard


"Beyond Human" 3D composition shots

3D composition shots

"Beyond Human" colour keys

Colour keys

Soundtrack with paintings

Open for commissions

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